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Nine Letters # 2 – Worship of Personality

Would you agree that the word “worship” means “engendering feelings in one’s heart towards”? If  you agree to that definition – then how is it that engendering feelings in one’s  heart towards one who suffered in a human body – … Continue reading

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Nine Letters # 1 – Worship of a Form

This was sent to a Christian who claimed that his worship of Jesus is “not worship of a form” When you claim that you are not worshiping a form – you  are doing nothing to clarify the matter. You are … Continue reading

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Sabbath and the Tabernacle – Exodus 35:1

Sabbath and the Tabernacle – Exodus 35:1   One of the central teachings of the Jewish Bible; a concept which stands at the heart of Judaism, is the idea of a temple for God. The God who created heaven and … Continue reading

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Anchor   Confusion is one of the more difficult trials of life. The difficulty is compounded when the confusion sets in over spiritual matters. We tend to see religion as the anchor, the unshakeable rock, the place upon which the … Continue reading

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Isaiah 53 – Vindication

Isaiah  53 is all about vindication. God’s servant, who suffered grievously, will one  day be vindicated to the eyes of those who despised him. This is the primary  thrust of the passage. The missionary interpretation insists that it is  Jesus … Continue reading

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Sinai Covenant

Sinai Covenant   “When you are in distress and all these things have befallen you, at the end of days, you will return to the Lord your God, and hearken to His voice. For the Lord your God is a … Continue reading

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