Nine Letters # 4 – Beauty and Spirituality

You  say that Jesus’s physical qualities were unremarkable so they are not the focus  of your worship.

I  think you misunderstood me.

The  qualities I am talking of are spiritual qualities – selflessness, a willingness  to suffer and to die for others – that were contained in a physical  body.

To  see these qualities and identify them as the qualities of the one you are  worshiping is confusing the Ultimate Giver with one of the takers. Any quality,  whether physical or spiritual ,that is contained in a physical body can only be a  gift from God. When I see a righteous man performing an act of selflessness – my duty as a worshiper of God is to recognize that this man is the recipient of  God’s blessing – God blessed him with the courage and the love to do what he  did. if I were to point to the righteousness of a man and say – that is the  righteousness of the deity that I worship I would be just as much an idolater as if I  would point to the beauty of a statue and say that this is the beauty of the deity that  I worship.

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Yisroel C. Blumenthal

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1 Response to Nine Letters # 4 – Beauty and Spirituality

  1. Yehuda says:

    I would ask the christian whether Jesus suffering and death as a being that was “fully human” (in additional to whatever else they believe him to have been) are a critical element in their worship. And if so, how can those attributes in particular -, suffering and death,- be anything other than worship of the physical?

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