Confusion is one of the more difficult trials of life. The difficulty is compounded when the confusion sets in over spiritual matters. We tend to see religion as the anchor, the unshakeable rock, the place upon which the rest of our life can stand firmly. When questions arise concerning matters of faith we sense that the very core of stability in our life is shaken. When we begin to doubt our relationship with God; the relationship that we thought could never waver, we find it difficult to move forward. The fear of this confusion can influence us to settle for hasty untested conclusions.


There are certain basic truths that can give us courage in situations of confusion; courage, strength and stability so that we can step forward carefully and deliberately with complete confidence that God is with us every step of the way.


God is the God of truth. God is the One who created us, our mind and our yearnings and He created the world we live in. It is God who is constantly sustaining us together with our ability to think and to search. The yearning to find the truth is always a yearning to come closer to the God of truth – wherever you may find yourself in the geography of that search.


Wherever you are on the landscape of spirituality – your every breath is an expression of God’s love for you. God does not desire the death of the wicked (Ezekiel 18:23); people who are not even consciously searching for Him, how much more so does He desire the life of one who is searching for His truth?


No human-being is perfect and no human-being has all the answers. God knows our frailties and it is His desire as the God of truth that we seek truth and that we reject falsehood. God did not create us so that we should walk in constant darkness and He did not condemn us to walk in a “light” that is not anchored in our sensitivity to truth.


No matter where we stand we can all be confident in God’s love for us. We can all be confident that the process of asking humble and honest questions is a walk with the God who planted the desire for truth inside our hearts. We can always thank the Creator for these gifts. Nothing can take this aspect of your relationship with God away from you – your thankfulness for existence and your desire for truth.


As you struggle with confusion you don’t need to lose stability. You can stand firmly on your love for the God of truth and you can be sure of His love for you and for your search for truth. With this rock under your feet you will find the strength to untangle the truth from the lies carefully, deliberately and with a heart full of joy for the God of truth.

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Yisroel C. Blumenthal

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    I really support the message here about preaching your faith on others. Educating and providing a forum for Questions and Answers (irrespective of what faith you believe in) is so much more effective and peaceful than introducing fear to try and push your cause. I thought this one was worth sharing

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