By: C. L. Blumenthal

The worry about worry

Is that it’s catchy as the flu.

If I’ll be sitting down to fret

Soon you’ll be fretting too.

So worrying goes in circles

As it ravages through the lands,

Making fires and tornados

Rainy days and messed-up plans.

It files down excitement

To a nervous flutter of doom

And disables the ambitious

Who are locked now in their room.

Its presence makes one hungry

The appetite is much

It piles all the pounds on

Those stricken in its clutch

Worrying is the useless thing

That’s hard to disappear

Especially when it multiplies,

 And turns to blatant fear.

Don’t worry about worry, though

Instead do what is true,

Just smile and you’ll see

Smiles are as catchy as the flu.

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3 Responses to Worry

  1. Dina says:

    Very cute! Smart girl (or boy, but somehow I think it’s a girl.) School assignment, or just for fun? (Do kids write poetry just for fun these days?)

  2. Shomer says:

    don’t worry, be happy, even in the face of the doomsday!

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