Voices and Sounds

Voices and Sounds

Shapira continues with his defense of his book. Here it is in his own words:


Here is the article that he is responding to:


Just a reminder. Shapira still has not revealed to his audience where they can read the entirety of my article.

And a little clarification. The Zohar that Shapira is speaking of is NOT discussing the voice of God. It is discussing the nature of the sounds that the Jewish people heard BEFORE the giving of the Torah. The Zohar uses the word “gevanin” to speak of different aspects of the sound. The Zohar is applying a word from the realm of vision to the realm of sound. It is teaching that the sounds that the Jewish people heard consisted of two aspects; or shades if you will. The Zohar says nothing about the voices of different personalities.

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4 Responses to Voices and Sounds

  1. Yehuda says:

    LOL More hilarity.

    BTW, He says that Rabbi someone ( I couldn’t make it out) compares the water in Isaiah 55:1 to the moshiach. Who was he quoting?.

  2. Fernando says:

    May G-d open Israels eyes to the true Jewish Messiah, Yeshua

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