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Torch Bearers – Excerpt from the Elephant and the Suit

Torch Bearers   When God created the nation of Israel He planted a critical truth into the core of their beings. The Jewish people recognize that their responsibility towards God demands that they carry this truth though the corridors of … Continue reading

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Following the Majority – A Response to Itzhak Shapira

Following the Majority – A Response to Itzhak Shapira Itzhak Shapira posted a video response to Rabbi Eli Cohen’s accusation against his book. Rabbi Cohen pointed out that Shapira’s attitude toward Israel’s respected teachers is contradictory. On the one … Continue reading

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Identifying the Prophets – Excerpt from Council of My Nation

Just as God entrusted Israel with the task of identifying the arbitrators of the Law, so did He charge Israel with the duty of recognizing His prophets. The process of authenticating the verity of a prophet is legislated by the … Continue reading

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As the Sun Spreads its Wings

As the Sun Spreads its Wings   Itzhak Shapira claims that I falsely slander him in my  review of his book. Let me step back and allow you to judge if I indeed  slandered him. All of the information is … Continue reading

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Shapira is not a Trinitarian

Shapira is not a Trinitarian ( – but he is still an Idolater) Itzhak Shapira published a response to my critique of his interview with Dr. Brown that took place in August of 2013 ( ). Shapira’s response can be … Continue reading

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Second Response to Itzhak Shapira

Itzhak You  seem to be offended that I “assume” so many terrible things about you. I have  great news for you. I do not “assume” anything about you. Before I wrote  anything about you I read your book from cover … Continue reading

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Second Response to Yehezqel Italqi

Yehezqel In  your response to Annelise you accuse me of “claiming to have a higher  level of samchus (authority) over Tzachi.” In your response to me you tell me  that I am supposed to be the “real rabbi.” (These responses are … Continue reading

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