In Good Company

In Good Company

Shapira continues to demonstrate his ineptitude. In his latest video ( ) he quotes the Radak as if he interpreted Micah 5:1 as a teaching on the pre-existence of the Messiah.

In fact the Radak devotes his entire comment to disprove this very notion. Shapira has thoroughly misunderstood the Radak’s holy words and I feel honored to be in such noble company. You see, Shapira has thoroughly misunderstood my own humble words as well. Contrary to Shapira’s assertion, I never stated that the Hebrew word “kedem” in Micah 5:1 means “east.” Shapira seems to have confused my critique of his handling of the Targum of Isaiah 9 with my critique of his misquotation of the Targum on Micah 5.

In any case I do commend Shapira for finally telling his audience where they can read my critique of his work. I trust that upon reading my critique, the audience will see the truth about Shapira and his teachings.

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4 Responses to In Good Company

  1. Annelise says:

    Also someone told me an idea, which I think is spread around commonly, that Rashi’s link of Michah 5:1 to Psalm 72:17 shows that he believed the moshiach existed from “before the sun.” Even though he never told us this startling idea clearly, not even in his commentary on Psalm 72, where he refers instead to Solomon. So in fact it looks like Rashi was highlighting the Psalm as a comparison, to show that it means not the person but his ‘name’ being planned, known, and purposed from the beginning. I think that he was saying the exact opposite of what the missionary said he was. If he had really wanted Rashi as his teacher, he would have known him better, and worked this out in just a few minutes for himself.

  2. Dina says:

    Michael Brown and Itzhak Shapira don’t realize what a dangerous game they are playing. By trying to prove from rabbinic writings that Jews believe in a “compound unity” or a divine messiah, they are perpetuating the ugly and vicious libel that Jews really know the truth but refuse to acknowledge it out of pure malice. Thus they echo the fiction in Christian scripture where the Pharisees, knowing Jesus rose from the dead, bribe the guards to buy their silence.

    This plays right into the hands of our enemies. While most American Christians today don’t hate Jews, if God forbid they should ever turn against us (and I do fear that will happen), they will use Brown’s and Shapira’s work to justify their hatred.

    If such a thing ever happens–and please God, I pray that I am wrong–then Brown and Shapira will have blood on their hands.

    • Sharbano says:

      That is an Excellent point. I’ve never heard of this person before coming to this site. I listened to some of this video and if he were telling the “truth” about what all these Rabbis have said then they most certainly would have told literally everyone they should follow that religion. I also think you are right, in that, there will be a backlash by christendom against the Jew and most profoundly the frum Jews.

      If this “rabbi” wants to take this route it would quite easy to go from the very beginning of Torah and throughout Tanach and find that G-d is speaking specifically against this religion. Since their method is to use something that sounds fitting it must fit. One great example is wood and stone but there are literally countless that can be derived. This was done to a small extent called “A Warning from Isaiah”. Maybe I should post it, if I can find it.

      • Dina says:

        Thanks, Sharbano. I should give credit where credit is due. The idea of Christians using Brown’s work against us in the future is one I heard from Jim.


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