Supplement to Response to Charles

Supplement to Response to Charles

Since I did not respond to all of Soper’s arguments in my previous articles I felt that I should perhaps elaborate.

I addressed all of Soper’s arguments concerning the validity of the Oral Law in “The Council of My Nation” and in “Supplement to Contra Brown, Volume 5.” Soper has not provided an explanation for the testimonial commandments according to his theology. If the Jewish people are not supposed to look at the observances of their parents as a repository for divine truth then what is the point of the testimonial observances?

Soper explained that he accepts Scripture because he believes that God preserved the Scripture among His people despite their sins. Soper provided a reference from the Psalms (12:7) to prove this point. The problem with Soper’s reference is that it refers to the words of God without limiting them to written words. The passage in the Psalms speaks of God’s utterances, both those preserved in writing and those preserved in the heart of the people (Isaiah 51:7).

Soper seems to reject the notion that the prophets of Israel were validated by their conformance to Israel’s perception of God that was acquired through the exodus and Sinai experiences. But that is precisely what Moses taught us to do. That is to reject any prophet who encourages devotion or speaks in the name of a god we do not know (Deuteronomy 13:2-6; 18:20).

Soper asks why it is that Orthodox teachers do not speak publicly against the theory of evolution. The fact is that our community is primarily focused on teaching our own children and we teach them creation and not evolution. Some prominent teachers in our community wrote books against the theory of evolution (such as Rabbi Avigdor Miller). Others in our community believe that some of the basic concepts of evolution do not contradict the Biblical account of creation and have written books explaining their position (such as Gerald Schroeder).

The relevance of the creation story to our lives is reflected in the teachings and practices of the Orthodox Jewish community. And that is the recognition that every facet of existence owes its being to the One Creator of all. The Christian community on the other hand, with all of its protests against evolution, has missed the point of creation. By pointing to one man and elevating him to the status of an object of worship, Christianity has denied the lesson of creation. God created everything, even Jesus. And your heart belongs to its Creator and you are not master to choose to whom to direct your devotion.

As for Usury; the Bible does not prohibit gentiles from lending or borrowing with interest. So I am not sure why Soper expects our community to decry the practice of Usury amongst non-Jews.

I will close by thanking Soper for challenging my words. It is through discussions such as these that we can all move closer to the truth.

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Yisroel C. Blumenthal

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2 Responses to Supplement to Response to Charles

  1. cpsoper says:

    Thanks, I have now little time to write. So a brief few comments and I must leave you the field.

    The Law must indeed be in our heart, our love our desire and our great delight, but that is not sufficient proof that it is derived from an oral source. I think I have cited several instances where oral tradition was overruled by written Law.

    With respect, I think that you’re quite correct to insist on Sinaitic character of new revelation. It is a claim I also repeated. It was something Yeshua repeatedly alluded to and referred to, and though you consider He has fallen short, it is the basis upon which He claims Jewish recipients of His message will be judged (Jn.5.44-6) – (Gentiles have other means of verification).

    As to evolution and usury, the problem is not so much a lack of consistency with your doctrine. I don’t know how rigorous rabbinic enforcement of usury laws of Jews upon Jews is (not the Gentiles). My concern is slightly different. Jews both secular and religious are well known for their philanthropy and their skill in the healing arts. As a practising physician, I can testify to the healing and beneficial effects of the Torah on the soul are far greater and more important than any ordinary medicine (Ps.19.7-10) – how can one love one’s neighbour as oneself, then keep such medicine closeted? Maimonides was a world class physician, far greater than I will ever be, but this denial of the study of Torah to the Gentiles was his greatest fault. How can one allow a spiritual plague like the destroying bane of evolutionary materialism, or the ugly and cruel contentions of usury to run without providing a remedy when it’s close to hand? It’s this siloed and closeted approach that troubles me most – where is that reflection of Divine jealous love and concern for one’s neighbour? Even Egypt and Arabia received warnings, reproofs and some promises from the prophets.

  2. Charles
    No one ever claimed that every bit of oral tradition originates with Moses or is authoritative. So your “proofs” are not to the point at all.
    You ask where our reflection of love for the nations can be found – try this –

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