Fear, Guilt and Psalm 131:2

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Fear, Guilt and Psalm 131:2

Fear can be a crippling emotion. Under the influence of fear people become paralyzed and cannot follow the directives of their brains. Even worse is when the brain itself fails to think logically because it is overwhelmed by the power of fear.

Guilt can also be a crippling emotion. A misplaced sense of guilt can discourage a person from doing what ought to be done. Even worse is when the sense of guilt warps our thinking process and distorts our view of reality.

The masters of persuasion are aware of the power of these emotions and they attempt to harness the forces of fear and guilt in their campaign for possession of the hearts of men.

“Do you want to dwell in the fiery darkness of hell for all eternity?”


“Don’t you realize how evil you are with all of your sins? How can…

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