Isaiah 58:7

Isaiah 58:7

An anti-Semite commented on this blog with the canard that Jews hate Jews. Please click on the following links to see a partial list of Jewish organizations that help Jews with no regard to affiliation or belief. This list is very limited and is but a tiny reflection of Jewish love for Jews.

I would also take this opportunity to publicly commend Concerned Reader for posting the following comment in response to the false statements of the aforementioned anti-Semite.

Thank You.

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Yisroel C. Blumenthal

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3 Responses to Isaiah 58:7

  1. Jim says:

    The situation with the anti-semite is interesting. He believed that the Jews of the holocaust died because the Jews had led to the slaughter of 6 million Christians in the first few hundred years of its history at the hands of the Romans. What interests me is not the absurd and obviously fabricated number. It is this question: where did he get the idea that the Jews should be held responsible for these 6 million deaths?

    According to the Jew-hater, the Romans killed those 6 million Christians. But in some way, he seems to think that the Jews put them up to it. However, he says nothing about Roman guilt. They are the unwitting patsies of the Jews. This is a rather odd position, absolving the Romans and indicting the Jews. But it turns out I have heard this story before.

    The Jew-hater derived this from the NT. There we have the story of murderous Jews, “sons of the devil” to be held responsible even for the death of Abel, many centuries before a Jewish people existed. In the stories of the various gospels, the Jews are the villains. They call false witnesses to indict the noble Jesus. They wish the release of a criminal rather than their rightful king, a miracle worker who preached “love”. They accept guilt upon themselves and their children. They even understand that which his disciples do not, the he expects to come back from the dead. And after he comes back, they spread a disinformation campaign. These Jews know the truth, but deny it at all costs. They kill and malign the innocent.

    The Romans, on the other hand, do not wish to kill Jesus. Pontius Pilate recognizes the goodness of Jesus. He does not wish to kill him. His prophetess wife has a dream about Jesus, and tells her husband not to harm him. But what can Pilate do? He’s afraid of an uprising. If he does not kill Jesus, the Jews will be displeased. They may rebel. He tries to get Jesus released, but the Jews will not have it. At Jesus’ death, a Roman soldier realizes the Jesus really was the Son of God.

    It is clear. The NT, maligning the Jews, are the one’s responsible for the suffering and death of Jesus, even though they knew the truth. The Romans wanted to get him off, but could not. They were merely the weapon in the hand of the Jews. It is this slander of the Jewish people that leads to the Jew-hatred of those like the one who was here. His story has its roots in the NT. The NT maligns the Jewish people over and over again. That has had a profound effect on the thinking of many people. It has had a profound effect on history. It has had a profound effect on the Jews.


  2. Concerned Reader says:

    If I remember correctly, I posted a comment here, and it didn’t get. Posted?

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