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Cut Off

Replacement theology is on its way out amongst many Christians. Many Christians are coming to believe that the Jewish people are still chosen by God. I see this as a positive development in Christianity. With the stranglehold of the establishment Church broken, Christians are reading the Bible on their own and coming to their own conclusions. It is not easy for people to begin thinking in a direction that they are not accustomed to, but as the decades and centuries move on, progress is being made. More and more Christians are discovering that the Bible teaches doctrine that is different than what is taught by the establishment Church. This process influences the Churches as well, who realign their doctrines to the Biblical truths discovered by their supporters. It is my belief that the truth of God will eventually triumph completely and Christians will learn that Jesus was not who he…

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  1. I wish it was true that replacement theology (properly defined) was on its way out, but you’re relatively blind to anti-Zionistic Christian prejudice, and that form of Jew hatred has a tremendous ground swell in the West, the churches (even Bible loving ones) are being dragged along behind, and many of the liberal and ecumenical churches are in the vanguard of this ugly movement.

    It is Islamic anti-Zionism that drives much of the terrorism, as many vigilant Jews know all too well, and it is secular and ‘Christian’ (though it is vehemently anti-Biblical and Manichean) anti-Zionism (along with older forms of Jew hatred) that facilitate it. I don’t have sources to share now, but the evidence for this is abundant to those who look.

    Nevertheless, the anger of man shall praise Him, the remainder He will restrain.

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