Heirs of a Legacy – Excerpt from The Council of My Nation

 The Christian Claim for Recognition as Legal Heirs to the Legacy of Israel

Some Christians recognize the vital nature of the legacy of the Jewish nation. These people recognize that if there is no authenticity to the legacy of the Jewish nation, then scripture itself has no validity. These Christians do not submit to the legacy of our nation, instead they attempt to usurp the authority of our national inheritance. The argument that these people put forth posits that the early Jewish Christians are the true remnant of loyal Israel, and that Christendom is their legal heir. This doctrine sees the first Jewish Christians as the Jews who remained loyal to God, while the rest of the nation strayed from the true faith by rejecting Christianity.

This line of argumentation is untenable for four separate reasons. First and foremost, the mere fact that God allowed this Jewish Christian community to be eradicated (by the gentile Church – their supposed heirs), tells us that this was not the covenant community. God promised the Jewish people that the Sabbath will stand as an eternal sign for His covenant with the Jewish people (Exodus 31;16).  From the time that the Jewish Christian community was destroyed by the Roman Bishops, this sign was not to be found in that community – for that community ceased to exist. The sign of the Sabbath was borne by those who rejected Christianity’s claims, and not by those who accepted them. Since this group disappeared as a recognizable Jewish entity, we can be confident that it was they who were cut off from the midst of their people and it wasn’t the Jewish people who were cut off from them.

A second reason why the Christian argument cannot be considered is because we have no way of knowing what it is the fist Jewish Christians believed. The only records that we possess, were preserved and edited by the very people who planted the seeds of their destruction. All of the original Aramaic and Hebrew documents are gone. Unless we trust the canon of the Gentile Church, there is no way we can know what the early Jewish Christians believed. For all we know, they would more readily identify with the Jewish position on the key theological issues rather than with the Christian position. (It is in place to note here, that many scholars recognize that a deep theological divide separated the early Jewish Christian community from the Gentile Christian community.)

Thirdly, we must consider the available evidence. The Samaritans, the Sadducees and the Pharisees all agreed on the issues which stand between Judaism and Christendom. All of these Second Temple communities recognized that the deification of a human is a violation of the Jewish perception of God. All of these communities acknowledged the efficacy of repentance for achieving God’s forgiveness, and they all agreed on the foundational role that observance of the Law plays in our nation’s relationship with God. These principles of our legacy were never open to question or dispute. If the early Jewish Christian community truly rejected these tenets of our legacy, we cannot assume that they were following a more accurate tradition than the vast majority of the nation. If their version of our legacy has any veracity to it, we would expect it to be reflected in the earlier records of our nation’s traditions. The fact that every record of our nation’s legacy unequivocally renounces the doctrines of Christianity does not allow us to consider this Christian argument.

Finally and most simply. The early Christians never put forth the claim that they were following a true tradition. They claimed to follow a new teaching which was unknown to them before they heard it from the founders of Christianity. There is simply no historical basis for the modern claim – generated by polemical pressure – that these doctrines were inherited from a previous generation of loyal Jews.

Another variation of Christian respect for the legacy of our nation has some modern day Jewish Christians following the precepts and practices of Rabbinical law in many areas of life. These people recognize that the legacy of the Jewish nation is the authority upon which scripture stands. They have also noticed that it was through Rabbinic Judaism that God preserved His covenant with His chosen people. These Christians have come to the unavoidable conclusion that Rabbinical Judaism is the only valid context from within which the Law of Moses can be observed. This Christian community discovered that Rabbinical Judaism allows for and even encourages disagreement and diversity within the proscribed boundaries of observance. These Christians propose to combine Christian theology with observance of the Law and expect this crossbreed to be tolerated as a valid opinion within the parameters of Rabbinical Judaism.

The error of this Christian community lies in the fact that they have never looked into the heart of Judaism and the Jew. All of Rabbinical Judaism’s observance of the Law is only an expression of her relationship with the God of Israel. Following the observances of Rabbinical Judaism in worship of an entity other than the One towards whom Rabbinical Judaism identifies as the God of Israel, is not only a misunderstanding of Judaism, it is the absolute antithesis of Judaism.

Furthermore, if there is one issue about which scripture is most explicitly clear in confirming the authority of our national legacy – it would be the issue of identifying God. Scripture records that it was God Himself who taught the nation this important lesson long before the first books of scripture were put into writing (Exodus 20:2,3,19,20). The Sinai revelation is spoken of by scripture as the defining teaching that gave the Jewish people to understand who it is they are to worship (Deuteronomy 4:15,35,39). To accept the definitions of our national legacy as they relate to the Rabbinical observance of Channuka, while rejecting the same legacy as it defines our relationship with God – is the height of absurdity.

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Yisroel C. Blumenthal

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27 Responses to Heirs of a Legacy – Excerpt from The Council of My Nation

  1. Dina says:

    I’m always mystified when Christians say that Jewish Christians are the Jewish remnant when it’s the most obvious thing in the world that their Jewish identity is completely lost within a few generations, if even that. What do they think God meant when He promised to preserve His righteous remnant? It’s symbolic? They’re the righteous remnant? Tell me, Christians!

  2. Dina, Just for argument sake ; Let’s say some Jewish Christians whose Jewish identity got lost ,decided to go back to Judaism? So now they are becoming the ‘ right righteous Jews’ . So then they are not excluded from belonging to God’s righteous remnant? What about their identity that was previously lost? You are limiting – that way- other Jewish peoples’ right to belonging to righteous remnant with what you are saying.

    • Dina says:

      Eric, your question doesn’t make sense. If they lost their identity as Jews, how could they go back to Judaism if they don’t even know that they’re Jewish?

      By they way, not all Jews belong to the righteous remnant–only those who are loyal to God and His Torah.

  3. Eliyah Lion says:

    Yisroel, Concerning the Shabat as a sign?

    וְשָׁמְרוּ בְנֵי־יִשְׂרָאֵל אֶת־הַשַּׁבָּת לַעֲשׂוֹת אֶת־הַשַּׁבָּת לְדֹרֹתָם בְּרִית עוֹלָם

    Strange translation make the shabat everlasting …

    עוֹלָם means world throughout Scriptures most translator including strong says everlasting which is an error of translation major for it changes the meaning of Scriptures and put Israel above the other nations when we are supposed to be at the service and be witnesses to a world…

    Therefore Exodus 31 v.16 is not a sign forever but a sign to a world or an universal sign…

    Here is the translation:

    ”And they will keep sons of Israel the shabat to produce the shabat to their generation-dwelling an alliance universal”

    This makes us bear a strong responsibility to this world and make us realize how far we missed our mission to teach the Commandments…

    • Dina says:

      Lion, since you’re the only person, Christian or Jew, who translates it that way, we can chalk it up once again to your ignorance of the Hebrew language. One word can have two meanings by the way. This is true for all languages. Unless you think you are the only and ultimate authority on the language?

      For example, in English, the word bank can mean a place where you deposit money or the shore of a body of water, or it can be a verb that means to depend on something.

      • Sharbano says:

        You forge, His Xtian sect had to “teach” the Jews, Rabbis that is, the Hebrew language.

        • Eliyah Lion says:

          Listen carefully Sharbano:

          1) Your rabbis prior to the rebirth of our Nation in 1948 knew almost nothing of the Hebrew proof the way they translated OLAM and many other errors that I reserve for the future

          2)Yahushuo knew perfectly Hebrew being resurrected he can teach us pretty well

          3)The veil is still on your eyes and you want to keep others to see the truth… this simple example of Olam vs Léolam show you how pernicious and deceived you are…

          4)I have YHWH on my side although you wish me ill which I feel in my heart … He protects me and show me his Truth

          5) Be careful what you wish others will one day drop on your head this day you will remember and repent of all your lies

          6) The sin of bearing false witness is a Commandment Important that if you disobey impede you to enter either Shama’im or Paradise…

          7) All that said I still love you and wish you that the light of YHWH may shine on your face that you see the beauty of Eloheinu

          • Sharbano says:

            I have overlooked one function of Xtianity, that is how they perceive experiences. Under these perceptions a person can be ignorant yet fully conclude they are “inspired”. That is, by their holy spirit, by whatever name. Even if a person doesn’t have the knowledge, even of Hebrew, but searches out and finds an answer that resembles that perception, the conclusion is; that it is correct and the credit is given that spirit, whether right OR wrong. If an idea comes to mind and the perception is that it corresponds to an existing belief then it too is credited to the spirit, and is valid. Therefore anything that is thought or imagined or found is thus correct and given by the spirit. There is no need for further study or contemplation. It becomes an accepted fact. This is a powerful seduction as it keeps a person inhibited and there is less danger of losing the faith. Is it any wonder the Xtian sees the Jew as “legalistic”. They are unable to come to terms with analytical thought. It is a religion based simply on perceptions.

            A Jew, on the other hand, can have the same idea come to mind. But he won’t assume it is from some spirit but from his own imagination. It doesn’t end there, as a belief, but is constructed, analyzed from every possible avenue. This is apparent in the Talmud. There are ideas brought up and discussed. If one Rabbi says ‘this’, and another say ‘this’ cannot be because of ‘this’, it is discussed further. This will continue until All issues are resolved. Xtians are unwilling to take this analytical method. It is no wonder how the two sides conflict in views.

          • Dina says:

            No one wishes you ill, Lion. We wish you would see the truth and return to your heritage. I’m sorry you are so thin-skinned and paranoid. It is truly sad for you.

          • Sharbano says:

            I should have brought up your statement about false witnesses. This isn’t the first time you have brought this up. What is YOUR definition of a false witness. Evidently it is NOT what the entire civilized world would consider it to mean.
            Which brings to mind another idea. An idea, no doubt by MY holy spirit, which is greater than yours.
            Virtually everything, and I MEAN Everything that you have brought here is contrary to everyone else. If this is truth and you are exclusive in that truth then G-d has created a system that no one else can attain, since no one’s mental faculties and knowledge are sufficient. THIS is what you portend to have us all believe. So G-d created man, above all other creatures, a little lower than angels, yet in all that created ability, it ultimately is of No avail. Does this sound in any way logical. G-d created man that could actually argue back to G-d yet that intellect cannot comprehend. This wreaks of absurdity. I really wonder sometimes if you Really believe all you say or are just here to have somewhere to dialog.

          • Eliyah Lion says:

            Dina and Sharbano, if in the simple things that you should know you argue when the evidence is evidently proved by just checking a Hebrew Dictionary then imagine in complicated things how you will be all mixed up…

            Now I know that your pretension to speak or understand Hebrew is just a wishful desire. I hope you succeed one day to learn it. You should go live in Israel. There you could ask every Israeli what OLAM means… Do then a small youtube video of your findings. If just one Israeli say that OLAM means what you think than I will may be reconsider your credibility in knowing Hebrew…

            Then now the issue is simple: imagine how unsalted Scriptures has been made because of analytical minds like you that do not comprehend one bite the Semitic mind so much more powerful in conveying the holy dabar:

            Abraham was not an analytic mind but a semitic mind who walked in complete Faith toward the Elohim. Your sect is NOT the Judaism of our forefathers but just a sect of so-called Yehudi who do not look one bite like all Semitic people… You are real anti-semitic when you fail to recognize the Beauty and the Profounder of the Hebrew Scriptures…

            I hope you will one day see how your analytical mind fooled you in your pretension to understand the dabarim elohim without the Ruah holy who gave intelligence and wisdom to holy men who were reverent and respectful of the Revelation given…

            Thus may the Beauty of truth strike your heart that you may see with the eyes of the Faith the one who guided our father Abraham to the joy of the Promise!!

          • Sharbano says:

            You have proved yourself to all here, when YOU wrote face to face instead of mouth to mouth and admitted your error. But since any imaginative idea, or feeling, is considered From the ruach you “Assume” you are being guided by G-d. THIS is the inherent nature of Xtianity. It is why they seek proof and seemingly find it, at least in their own mind.
            Actually you are mistaken about Avraham. He DID use analytical thinking. It is how he concluded that there is an invisible G-d who is above all the hosts of heaven. He looked at the power of each part of nature and was able to conclude none was the most superior. If it was good for Avraham to find G-d and come to that realization then all others should do the same.

          • Eliyahu So all the books that the rabbis wrote in HEBREW were written after 1948?

        • Dina says:

          His Christian sect made up of one person, himself.

          • LarryB says:

            I’ve been to his web site and from all the articles he has posted he received 1 comment “and even that was deleted” so it probably wasn’t helpful. there is no following or comrades or even like minded people. I’m sure that’s the way he likes it.

          • Dina says:

            Well, don’t you know, Larry, he is a prophet, and like all prophets, must endure everyone bashing him and no one believing him.

    • Sharbano says:

      I see we’re back to Strong’s.
      You consistently come up with a “translation”, as here, with a meaning unique to yourself. This would be all well and good if it would be consistent with the totality of Torah. But once again you want it to mean one thing here and the result is confusion of the entire Torah. Of course, it’s not unique Here, but throughout the Xtian polemic. The way it can be said is; You and Xtianity, in general, chop and dice up the Torah in pieces and make a dish that bears no resemblance to the fruit that was once Torah. The fruit is left as a side dish, and ultimately put aside.

      If you really COULD translate Hebrew it wouldn’t result in such a conglomeration of words that cannot even be read properly. It is SO obvious that you are such a beginner that you search a dictionary for meanings and just paste that definition In Order the Hebrew words are in and CALL that a sentence. If a person were only familiar with the shapes of the letters no doubt his translation would be much the same as yours. Hebrew is unique in that a person REALLY has to “Understand” the whole before he can take a word and give its meaning in another language. In other words, a person has to Know BOTH languages well to accomplish this task. It’s almost as if the person has to “Live” the language before he is able to really give its meaning. It should be clear by now that you have failed in each and every attempt. If you ARE to attempt your method of textual analysis you’ll need to test Each and Every word with numerous other occasions that it is used. Even Rashi and other Rabbis use the same technique. This is why You fail and They Do Not.

    • Eliyah Lion says:

      Dina I thought you would not contradict me on this one. Ask all Israeli and consult every Hebrew dictionary if you do not believe me.

      The adverb forever would be the closest thing to Olam:

      לְעוֹלָם = forever Léolam

      עוֹלָם = world, universe Olam

      The lamed here makes the difference.

      Be honest Dina in front of all… Do you speak or understand Hebrew may be you confound with Yiddish which is a mix of german and european tongues with some hebrew…

      Now do you see the implication of a good translation inspired by the Ruah to understand properly the Holy Revelation of Tanakh…

      Shalom I love you!

      P.S.: we are seeker of truth not promoter of egos…

      תּוֹדָה רַבָּה

      • Dina says:

        Okay, Lion, I will tell the truth “in front of all”: I am a fluent speaker of Hebrew both Biblical and modern. I learned modern Hebrew as a child living in Israel and I studied Biblical Hebrew from the first grade (around age six) until adulthood. I studied the Hebrew Bible in Hebrew starting at that age. English is my native tongue but I am fairly comfortable in Hebrew. I do not speak Yiddish at all. I do not even understand it.

        C’est vraie, monsieur.

        Et tu? Is the same true for you? Or do you rely on your “ruah holy” to tell you what the Bible says?

        Back to this particular verse, all Christians and Jews translate it as “forever” or “in perpetuity” or some other synonym. Since you are the only one with this translation, answer also this question honestly in front of all: Are you the one and only ultimate authority on the Hebrew language?

        Also, your protestations of love ring insincere and are quite sickening. Just thought you might like to know.

      • Eliyah Lion says:

        Sharbano your Strong that you constantly refer to has plenty of errors of translation.


        They translate OLAM = forever to fit your rabbis view … they are corrupt like most translation…

        Now a simple Hebrew dictionary will give the translation of OLAM

        Now take each bad translation of the word OLAM in the strong and translate with the word world or universal and you will see the Torah in a more open and universal way not something exclusive to a few…

        Your sect has hijacked the Tanakh and veiled to Olam… They instead of being witnesses of the Torah, they become agents of conceal like the serpent who cleverly twisted the holy words to make humanity fall by forging the Revelation…

        Now this time is finished your exposition to the light will show Israel how vicious and pernicious you are… You are a living example!!

        A sect is never a religion but only a parody of truth…

        All who KNOW Yahushuo the Messiah of Israel the Dabar in the flesh the Living Torah those have the true Religion:

        9 For with You is the fountain of life;
        In Your light we see light.

        10 Oh, continue Your loving kindness to those who know You,
        And Your righteousness to the upright in heart.
        11 Let not the foot of pride come against me,
        And let not the hand of the wicked drive me away.
        12 There the workers of iniquity have fallen;
        They have been cast down and are not able to rise. (Psalm 36 NKJV)

        • Dina says:

          Well, by golly, I never thought of looking up in the dictionary everyday words in a language I speak. Thanks for the advice, Monsieur Lion. I’m going off right now to get me one of them things. See ya later!

        • Sharbano says:

          If Strong’s has errors WHY did you post from it. And why do you always use the NKJV. Do you consider this translation superior to even Hebrew speakers. The problem is, and you have stated such, these unknowing Hebrew speakers had the Tradition of Oral Torah that eventually inserted the vowels into the Hebrew text. Clearly they understood the text, but you say they don’t understand Hebrew. You consistently contradict yourself, again and again.

          • Eliyah Lion says:

            Sharbano you are old and it is difficult for you to connect the dots and read properly. For this I will be indulgent with you.

            1) Strongs was quoted here to show you that they follow your mistake and to prove you that they were not my source to show you that עוֹלָם = world, universe Olam is different from לְעוֹלָם = forever Léolam

            There is no vowel debate here but a Lamed difference.

            2) Oral Torah or Holy Tradition does not come from your rabbis, but from Shama’im given to holy men who understand the semitic tongue.The vowels life of the consonant are given to inspired men confirming that your analytic mind can not process what is spiritual but only what is apparent…

            3)NKJV is a translation with errors like most translation but I quote with parsimony depending on my time to give my own translation… If you have a better English translation for English speakers let me know…

            4) Face to face vs mouth to mouth conveys a subtle difference for mouth to mouth (Numbers 12 v.8) is more intimate. But you will concede Sharbano that when you are mouth to mouth with a person you are also face to face… unless you never kissed a woman or you are a monk afraid of women…


          • Dina says:

            “Sharbano you are old and it is difficult for you to connect the dots and read properly. For this I will be indulgent with you.”

            I can hardly breathe for laughing. Lion, are you young and foolish?

          • Sharbano says:

            Being “old” has a distinct advantage.

            I guess my above statement rings true, as the reference about Strong’s wasn’t in This case but your use of it previously where you directly copied it in its entirety, And used that as a proof for Your belief.

            You’ve never really answered the question and ignored all questions that would put you “on the spot”. Where is your Hebrew knowledge from, a website, a book, or what. Don’t give us this junk about Ruach. Because if you believe you are in literal communication, word for word, by that then you have really serious problems.

            The previous paragraph reinforces the point of mouth – to – mouth. That reference in Numbers doesn’t correspond to intimacy. It’s more regarding of a “revelation”, but a revelation that is not like a metaphorical dream or vision. You are trying to read into the text something that isn’t possible to conclude. But since you are predisposed to certain assumptions you have to find a way to make those assumptions possible even when they are wrong. So it is with Xtian teachings in general. You have no claim on anything new, or improved, instead just another in a long line of people who choose to follow their own understanding.

      • Eliyahu Do you realize that you translated “olam” as everlasting even without the lamed and besides the Shabbat is a sign “l’olam” with the lamed in Exodus 31:17

    • Eliyahu You yourself translated “olam” as everlasting many times in your comments – how do you expect us to respect what you say if you don’t respect what you say?

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