Armor Bearers – Isaiah 52:11

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Armor Bearers – Isaiah 52:11

1. The Prophet and the Nation

One of the primary purposes of the book of Isaiah is to offer comfort and hope to the Jewish people. One method that the prophet uses to comfort Israel is by comparing the nation to the prophet himself.

“My Lord God has granted me a tongue for teaching, to understand the need of the times in conveying matters to those who thirst (for knowledge); He arouses (me) morning after morning; He arouses me to understand as disciples are taught. My Lord God has opened (my) ear for me, and I did not resist; I did not retreat to the rear. I submitted my body to those who smite and my cheeks to those who pluck; I did not hide my face from humiliation and spit. For my Lord God helps me; therefore I was not humiliated; therefore I made…

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