Respect for the Process

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Respect for the Process

Christians and Moslems make strong claims about their respective faiths. They both believe that people who do not subscribe to their particular brand of Christianity or Islam will suffer eternally. They do not hesitate to share this belief with people outside of their faith.

With a love for humanity in their hearts, and I do not say this sarcastically, the missionaries of Islam and Christianity attempt to save as many people as possible from the fires of hell. If the fear of hellfire will motivate a prospective convert to join the community of believers, then why should this fear not be harnessed for the cause?

Let us shift our focus to the prospective convert. We are obviously talking about an individual who has not believed in the religion of the missionary and is now listening to the arguments presented on behalf of this belief that is…

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  1. Eliyah Lion says:

    Shalom! I do not think that caricaturing the Christians nor the Moslem is good! The two religion counts more believer in the One Elohim, the Elohei of Abraham, than the Yehudim. Do not forget that the Elohim promise Abraham that He will make his posterity more numerous than the stars and the sand. Is the promise for Ishmael alone? If Isaac is included or the exclusive bearer of the promise this make us wonder if Yehudah alone will accomplish the promise or must not it all include also the tribes of Israel united which must therefore include the Christians. The Elohim is not a liar He speaks the truth. The promise to Abraham will be fulfilled let us therefore be factors of unity and not promote division.

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