Caleb’s Spirit

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Caleb’s Spirit


One of the moist tragic episodes in Israel’s history is described in Numbers 13. The Jewish people sent 12 spies to the land of Israel to reconnoiter the territory. At the conclusion of their mission the spies split into two camps. 10 of the men brought back a discouraging report to the nation. They convinced the people that the inhabitants of the land are too powerful and that the Jewish people are incapable of capturing the country. The other two men, Joshua and Caleb, vehemently disagreed with the assessment of their comrades. They attempted to convince the people that it is entirely within their capability to inherit the land.

The nation as a whole accepted the discouraging report of the ten and they despaired of their ability to enter the land of Israel. The prophetic narrative tells us that Israel’s despair was a rebellion against God and…

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