Supplement to “Hope Faithfulness and Joy”

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Supplement to Hope Faithfulness and Joy

Dear P. J.

Thanks for your thoughtful questions. Your questions encourage us to try to find more light and more clarity in our search for truth.

You asked me if Isaiah really predicted that the Jews will remain faithful to God throughout this long exile.

My response: Yes, he did.

Look my friend. Isaiah tells us that the one who bears the glad tidings to Israel will just say one phrase: “Your God has reigned” (Isaiah 52:7; see also 40:9). That is all he will have to say to bring joy to the heart of Israel.

Furthermore, Isaiah describes how the nations will serve Israel in the Messianic era. Isaiah tells us that the purpose of this is: “so that you know that those who hope to Me will not be shamed” (Isaiah 49:23). It is clear that Israel will be identified as the people…

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