Blessing of Sabbath versus Selfish Self-Sacrifice – Isaiah 58:13

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Blessing of Sabbath versus Selfish Self-Sacrifice – Isaiah 58:13

Living a sacrificial life can sometimes be an extreme expression of self-centeredness. People don’t like to see themselves as “takers” – they enjoy thinking of themselves as altruistic “givers”. In pursuit of this self-centered desire; the desire to see oneself as “above” and as a sacrificial person, people may practice a life of self-sacrifice. These people are capable of tuning in to the physical needs of other people and acknowledging their reality. These people are even capable of empathizing with other people’s emotional needs and recognizing their validity – but all in the context of their own personal giving. It all has to fit in with the picture that is being generated: “I am the benevolent “giver” and these people are my beneficiaries”.

This is not the selflessness that brings us closer to God. After everything is said and done –…

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