Persuasion versus Education – Part II

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Persuasion versus Education


Part II

In my previous post I made the sweeping accusation that the Christian missionary campaign favors persuasion over education. At first glance my accusation may perhaps seem to render me guilty of the same charges that I bring against the missionaries. How can I use such a broad brush to paint a campaign that is 2000 years old, and that has engaged many world-class scholars? Take for example Dr. Brown’s 5 volume series; “Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus” – a work that takes up over 1500 pages. How can I label such a work a work of persuasion and not acknowledge its educational value?

In the following paragraphs I will present my case, and in the spirit of education, I will leave it to the readers to come to their own conclusions.

The purpose of the missionary campaign is to convince its target audience that…

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