Jacob’s Vow

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Jacob’s Vow

Genesis 28 describes how Jacob left the home of his parents to escape the wrath of his brother. The Torah tells us that as he slept at “the place” God granted him an encouraging vision. God promised that He would give Jacob the land of Israel, that He would bless him and that He would protect him until he returns home. Upon awaking Jacob dedicates a monument to God and he makes a vow. Jacob promises that if God will protect him and sustain him that he would make this monument into a house for God.

When King David sought to build the Temple he speaks of his search as “seeking a dwelling place for the Mighty One of Jacob” (Psalm 132:5). The Temple itself is called “the pride of Jacob” (Psalm 47:5). There seems to be a deep connection between the Temple and Jacob’s vow. Why is…

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