Nine Letters # 9 – Covenantal Context

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As  a Jew – I stand in a covenantal relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth.  He calls Himself the “God of Israel” and he calls us “My nation”. The most  foundational element of my relationship with God demands that I do not submit  myself to anyone in the way that I submit myself to Him. When God sealed this  covenant with us, He made it very clear to us that such an act of  submission/worship towards any other entity aside from Himself would be the deepest  violation of our covenant with Him. He also made it clear to us – how we are to  identify Him in worship – and how we are not to identify Him in worship. He did  all this before He gave us the first page of Scripture.

Let  us stop right there for a minute – after Sinai, and before we read the…

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