Incarnation and Definition of Marriage

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Incarnation and Definition of Marriage

Reverend Smith’s gaze shifted from Mary to Jane and back to Mary again. The Pastor broke the long silence: “What! You want to get married in MY church?! Don’t you know where I stand on the issue of same-sex marriage?”

Mary looked the Pastor in the eye: “This is not a “same sex marriage” – don’t you know that Jane is an incarnation of a man. She is one hundred percent man and one hundred percent woman. I fully expect you to sanction our marriage.”

Reverend Smith looked at Mary. It was Mary who broke the silence this time: “What’s the matter? You don’t believe in the incarnation?”

“I have four problems with your incarnation claim” said the Pastor. “Number one; there is no such thing as an incarnation. The Bible speaks of male and female as if it is self-understood that these are two…

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  1. Dave says:

    Sent to me by a dear friend

    My wife told me that she didn’t believe that a man or a woman should have a sex change operation she stated that if God wanted to he could change the individuals sex but man cannot do it. I thought about that and came to the conclusion that somehow I felt that I was changed into a woman and told my wife that. With that she proceeded to divorce me. I was sad for a short while but when I woke up the following day after the divorce I found that somehow I was changed back into a man. Funny how life works problems out :?)

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