Humility and Arrogance

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Humility and Arrogance

Christians contend that God had to come down to earth as a human in order to “humble Himself”. I find this argument completely self-defeating.

God is humble and man is arrogant. By “taking on” the form of a man God cannot become “more humble”.

In any case; if God wanted to become “more humble” than the Christian narrative is completely self-defeating.

Let us try to appreciate a drop of God’s humility.

In order to teach a fallible people that He is the One who they ought to worship He turned the Nile into blood for a week. Let us step back and absorb this. Imagine the Mississippi turning into blood for a week. Imagine a significant body of water near you turning into blood for a week. Just stop and think how it would impact your life and the life of the people around you. Think of…

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