Response to Line of Fire 13 – Dispelling A Myth

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Response to Line of Fire 13 – Dispelling A Myth


On the July 18 2013 Line of Fire Radio show Dr. Brown explains to his listening audience why it is that he cannot respond to my arguments in written format. Amongst many other reasons Dr. Brown derides the entire method of written communication. He argues that when two people are communicating through e-mail and they realize that they are missing each other they pick up the phone to clarify the misunderstanding through direct verbal communication. Furthermore, Dr. Brown contends that written communication can go round and round for years while a face to face public debate can be settled in a matter of hours.

There are several flaws in Dr. Brown’s argument.

1. In a situation where two people are honestly and earnestly trying to understand each other perhaps it is easier for them to clarify misunderstandings with face…

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