Isaiah 53 – Vindication

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Isaiah  53 is all about vindication. God’s servant, who suffered grievously, will one  day be vindicated to the eyes of those who despised him. This is the primary  thrust of the passage.

The missionary interpretation insists that it is  Jesus who is going to be vindicated and ONLY Jesus who will be vindicated.  According to the Church, the servant’s role can only be fulfilled by one who  stands apart from all of humanity by virtue of his alleged divinity – no one can  share in the servant’s accomplishment. The key element of the Church position is  that the servant must be Jesus to the absolute exclusion of anyone  else.

Judaism, on the other hand, asserts that the  primary thrust of the passage is the vindication of those who accomplished God’s  purpose on earth. Israel is God’s agent here on earth and it is through this  nation that God’s purpose is…

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1 Response to Isaiah 53 – Vindication

  1. they claim that isa 53 is messianic and later jews changed it to israel

    but the jews who were enacting what is written in isaiah 53 clearly did not see jesus as the one in isaiah 53

    when they allegedly called for the murder of “messiah” they did not have isaiah 53 in mind and nt says jews are villains

    it seem like catch 22 to me

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