Knock Knock

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Knock Knock

“Knock knock” “who’s there?”

“It is I, God”.

Door opens revealing a friendly looking man.

“Come inside”

The visitor and the host each take a seat.

“So you say you are God”

“Indeed I am, and you should please bow down to express your reverence to me”

“I think I would feel quite uncomfortable fulfilling your request”

“Is that how you speak to God? If you don’t worship me you will burn in hell forever and ever”

“Hmm, interesting, I’ll tell you what, I’ll step into the other room now, and I will pray to the One God who created heaven and earth, and who continuously sustains all existence, if that will not satisfy you, I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to leave”

If “A” is not equal to “B”, then “B” cannot be equal to “A”. To word it differently; if “G” is not equal to…

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