Persuasion vs Education IV – by Jim

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A brief note on missionary tactics:

The missionary is not out to educate. He does not attempt to persuade with reasoned arguments. And he is not interested in an exchange of ideas. He has his viewpoint, and he does not care about yours. Generally speaking, he is not listening to you, while he demands that his own voice be heeded. In this regard, Christian missionaries and atheist missionaries are quite similar.

Both groups of missionaries like to put undue pressure upon their target. The Christian missionary has two main tricks up his sleeve in this regard, guilt and fear. The Christian missionary argues that disbelief in Jesus will place one in eternal torment. It is more reasonable to accept his propositions, however dubious, than to risk eternal punishment. He uses this fear to coerce belief.

Similarly he plays on one’s sense of guilt. Because of your wrongdoing, Jesus had to…

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  1. tildeb says:

    Atheist missionaries? Oh come on! Atheists are asking for consideration about the utter lack of compelling evidence adduced from reality to back up the extraordinary claims religious folk tend to make before going along with special privilege be afforded to religious organizations and their activities in the public domain.

    That you equate those atheists who refuse to grant this special consideration to be equivalent to ‘missionaries’ unwilling to educate, persuade with reasoned arguments, unconcerned about other viewpoints and deaf to them, shouting down opposition, is not just a slap in the face to anyone with intellectual integrity regarding the truth value of religious faith-based claims (because of their questionable motivation you imply rather than the content of their criticism) but an intentional and gross distortion to conflate two opposite methods of inquiry – faith-based and evidence-adduced -as if similar.

    That are not. They are incompatible.

    Whereas religious believers must assume the truth of their dogma to continue to believe as they do (because one cannot adduce such religious beliefs from evidence provided by reality), the atheist has questioned these supernatural claims and concluded that they are insufficient to warrant a high degree of confidence. And they are usually willing to explain why.

    This post is a vilification of atheists and an underhanded means to malign us. Show more character, Jim, and a little less fear and loathing of atheists. We’re your caring neighbours and not some militant fringe group. A little respect would be nice for a change.

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