Kol Nidrei

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Kol Nidrei

It is an interesting way to open up a day dedicated to repentance. The day that is designated for atonement and returning to God opens with the recital of “Kol Nidrei”. “Kol Nidrei” is not a prayer or an appeal to God. “Kol Nidrei” is a declaration. We declare our intention to annul any vows that we have made. Furthermore, this declaration has almost no practical effect (- this declaration has no effect at all as it relates to vows that were made towards other people; and even as it relates to vows that were made towards
God, the declaration only has a limited effect for future vows.) So what is the
point? Why do we start the services of this holy day with a declaration of
annulment of vows?

What is a vow? A vow is when we infuse our own will with the power of God’s…

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