God’s Wall


One of the greatest privileges of living in Jerusalem, is that you can visit the Western Wall at any given time for just $1.75!

The Western Wall is a small remnantof the majestic Herodian wall that encircled the Temple Mount. The wall served as a fortification for the Temple, but more importantly, it was the border of the common world and the Divine. Outside these walls is the world of money, power, greed and lust; within these walls is God’s Presence, and therefore, love, charity, blessing and purity.

In 70 C.E. when the Romans conquered the Holy Land and destroyed its cities, the Jews of Jerusalem found refuge in the Temple. The people were protected by the Temple, and the Temple was protected by the mountain’s Wall.

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  1. junzey says:

    I really was blessed by reading God’s Wall. How true about the Wall dividing the Holy from the profane. Made me desire to seek the L-rd to put a wall around my heart to seek Him only and love not world. Thank you Hasidic for your insight into the Temple where the Presence of G-d dwells.


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