Blood Songs – A Conversation with a Missionary

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Blood Songs – a Conversation with a Missionary


Missionary – until you see the importance of the blood as well, you’ll miss the point of my preaching (and the Torah’s teaching as well).

Yisroel B.– I don’t deny the importance of the blood – I let God tell me exactly where it fits in.

Missionary– He’s telling you, but you’re saying you can do without it if necessary. You can’t!

Yisroel B.– At the pain of repeating myself – by assuming the blood offerings of scripture were simply done away with and replaced – and never really atoned anyways – that is “honoring” the word of God. But believing that the eternal nature of God’s word requires that they will come back, and yearning and hoping for that day – that is “mocking” the word of God?!

Missionary– I totally and completely differ with this…

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