Covenant and Embrace

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Covenant and Embrace

The point of a covenant is the preservation of a relationship. The two parties recognize that they share a bond with each other. The two parties also recognize that the awareness and the appreciation of the bond between them may grow dim with the passage of time, so they seal a covenant. They promise to each other that they will remain faithful to their shared bond and they bind themselves to each other in a union that cannot be broken.

There are different types of relationships that covenants can possibly attempt to preserve. Some of these run deeper than others. An alliance between two nations can be called a “covenant”, but in no way can such a covenant compare to a covenant of friendship between two people who would die for each other. The deepest covenant that exists between people is the covenant of marriage. Not only…

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  1. Dave says:

    Yisroel; Sorry, It has been awhile since we spoke. I enjoyed this paper on covenant and Embrace. Have been going through a rough time here and those two words in your paper has helped me. To realize Hashem made that covenant with us and that it is an everlasting one lifts my spirit. The embrace I see is on my part as well. Thanks. HOpe we can talk soon. Doovid

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