Who “Reacted” ?

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Who “Reacted” ?

Christianity does not suffice itself with the presentation of her own theology. Since its inception, the followers of Jesus found the need to disparage Judaism. The Christian Scriptures already begin this pattern of maligning the Jewish people and their belief system. The Church Fathers continued the pattern, and this process still lives amongst various factions of Jesus followers today. From the extreme anti-Jewish faction, who still propagates the myths of replacement theology, which needs the Jews to be an evil people that lost God’s promises; to the extreme Jew-loving faction of Messianic Jews claiming to be the true Judaism, who find the need to argue that the Jews have changed their religion so as to exclude Jesus; all of these have a comment on Judaism.

In sharp contrast, out of the 2700 pages of Talmud there are perhaps three paragraphs that might have a bearing on the…

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