Fifth Response to Dalton Lifsey – Isaiah 9:5,6 (6,7)

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Fifth Response to Dalton Lifsey – Isaiah 9:5,6 (6,7)


I will be using the numbering of the verses from the Hebrew Bible.


I will first tell you that the verse can be read as follows: “The Mighty God, Father unto eternity and Prince of peace is planning a wonder”. In other words, the name of the child is a complete sentence describing the work of God. Just to help you with the Hebrew, I’ll do this word for word.

Pele – a wonder

Yoetz – He is planning (this is the key – this word can be a verb and is not necessarily a noun)

E – l – God

Gibbor – mighty

Avi – Father

Ad – until (generally translated as: “everlasting”)

Sar – minister

Shalom – Peace

The second thing I will tell you is that the verse does not necessarily say “Mighty God”…

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1 Response to Fifth Response to Dalton Lifsey – Isaiah 9:5,6 (6,7)

  1. DAVID CHANSKY says:

    Yisroel: I was very impressed (Not) with Dalton’s presentation. He quoted in every paragraph from the Graysa (or Gross) Machers of Christianity. Interestingly his conclusions are that the proof text croud are mot tp be trusted, amd the chapter deals with Hezekiah not Messiah. (unless I am not reading him properly) With all of his qjuoting the Machers which certainly makes him look very important. I have only one thing to say in making my reply concise.

    I never find one mention of Isaiah 9:5,6 . 6,7 . in the New Testament. It seems as if the authors (not their disciples) knew that it was not Messianic. Tsvi Jacobson.


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