Invisible Perfect – by Jim

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Undoubtedly, one of the most important doctrines of Christianity is the moral purity of Jesus.  The missionary would have one believe that Jesus lived a perfectly sinless life, which makes him the spotless Passover lamb.  This doctrine must be taken on faith, of course, because none of the witnesses to Jesus saw the entirety of his life.  Moreover, only God knows a person’s heart, wherein Jesus may not have been pure.  If Jesus were morally perfect, he certainly would have been a remarkable man, worthy of respect and admiration, though not worship.  But, perhaps he was not perfect; perhaps he was a man just like any other with his own temptations and human frailty.  How can one know?  One way to scrutinize this claim of the missionary is to analyze how Jesus’ hometown received him.  In so doing, one will see that it is highly unlikely that Jesus was morally…

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