Thou Shalt Not Murder

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Thou Shalt Not Murder
Is this injunction limited to the actual act of terminating a human life? or is this commandment a heading for a general concept?

The nation to whom this commandment was addressed understands that both are true. There is one specific action that is directly addressed in this commandment, and there is also an additional layer of meaning that lies beneath the surface. And we do not need to wander far to find this additional meaning.

The commandments are a reflection of the conscience that we as human beings are blessed with and by using this understanding we can easily see a much broader application to this commandment, an application that goes far beyond restraining ourselves from murder.
If murder is terrible, then wouldn’t it follow that saving a life is wonderful? And why stop at “saving” a life which is threatened with death? Supporting life, cultivating…

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  1. South Korea has a big suicidal rate among elders and teenagers or young adults. A few weeks ago, the Seoul mayor suicided. Although there are so many churches here, we did not learn how to overcome shame and repent our sins TO LIVE. In JUDAISM, the one who suicides can inherit the eternal place in the world to come?

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