Unauthorized Negotiator

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Unauthorized Negotiator

Tom and Joe were partners in a business. As they walked up the path to the office one day they encountered a man exiting the door that they were about to enter. The man asked them what they were doing here and where did they think they were going. They responded by explaining that this was their office and that they were going to work. The man then informed them that he had just bought the business from the lady behind the desk and that they no longer had the right to enter the building. They informed him that the “lady behind the desk” was simply their secretary and that she had no right to sell the business and that he had just been the victim of a scam.

In this parable, we are in the position of the “lady behind the desk”. The business does not belong to us…

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  1. DAVID CHANSKY says:

    Yisroel: I just read your paper on unauthorized negotiator and a question popped up in my mind: When it is said that Israel had the revelation before the scriptures yet you are using the scriptures to prove that point. It seems like you are proving your point with the opposite position. I do realize that the scripture does point out to a revelation we have as Jews that scripture verifies yet it seems to present a problem. I can of course see that Christianity is teaching contrary to scripture. I can see our history as a people does verify what you are saying but again it still seems problematic. I have a doctors appointment at noon tomorrow thursday. Could I call you when I get home about 2:30 -3 pm. Would like to hear what you think. Hope you are well. Doovid


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