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Annelise on the Messianic Hope

Annelise on the Messianic Hope Throughout Tanach, David is described as being devoted to God (as a creation, and therefore as a worshipper), and keeping His laws and decrees. A lot of these descriptions come in the context of God … Continue reading

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The King’s Musician – Tactics of Persuasion

The King’s Musician – Tactics of Persuasion The prophets of Israel painted a future of light. They described a world in which war is a forgotten concept (Isaiah 2:4). They talked of a world in which all of mankind enjoys … Continue reading

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The Applicant with 353 References

The Applicant with 353 References “Of Whom Speaketh the Prophet?” Imagine that it is your responsibility to hire a person to fill a critical position in a department that is essential for the welfare of your nation. A particular candidate … Continue reading

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Isaiah 53

Isaiah 53 1.            The identity of the servant and the anti-Semitism of the Christian scriptures Christian missionaries seem to be impressed by the fact that many people immediately associate this scriptural passage with the person of Jesus from Nazareth. Let … Continue reading

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Is the Jewish Bible a Mystery Novel?

Is the Jewish Bible a Mystery Novel? Christian missionaries read the Jewish Bible as if it were a mystery novel. The Bible presents the missionary with an enigmatic puzzle that needs to be unraveled. Only the missionary knows that Jesus … Continue reading

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Hezekiah and Isaiah (14:25 – 49:6)

Hezekiah and Isaiah (14:25 – 49:6) The book of Isaiah can be divided into two parts. The first part of the book (ch. 1 – 36) builds up towards the Assyrian invasion and the destruction of Sennacherib’s army. The second … Continue reading

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Isaiah 53, Micah 7 and Isaiah 62

Isaiah 53, Micah 7 and Isaiah 62   Isaiah 53 (52:13 – 53:12) describes the servant of the Lord who shocks the world with his unexpected exaltation. The prophet presents us with the shocked words of the onlookers as they … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Isaiah 53 by Thomas

For many Christians, Isaiah 53 is the granddaddy of proof texts pointing to Jesus from the Jewish Scriptures. Jews and Christians have been arguing over the identity of the ‘Suffering Servant’ since at least the year 248, when the Christian … Continue reading

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Supplement to “Hope Faithfulness and Joy”

Supplement to Hope Faithfulness and Joy Dear P. J. Thanks for your thoughtful questions. Your questions encourage us to try to find more light and more clarity in our search for truth. You asked me if Isaiah really predicted that … Continue reading

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Hope, Faithfulness and Joy

Hope, Faithfulness and Joy The prophets describe the great joy that the Jewish people will experience at the time of the ultimate redemption. Isaiah declared: “And the redeemed of the Lord shall return, they will come to Zion with song, … Continue reading

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