A Brief History of Charlie and the Charolites

A Brief History of Charlie and the Charolites

“All these things spake he unto the multitude in parables; and without a parable spake he not unto them: That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.”


Charlie H. Smith was a traveling Christian preacher. He began his public ministry in the summer of 2012, about July or August. It did not take long for Charlie to gather a loyal following. His followers were few in number and even smaller in the aggregate of their intellectual and spiritual credentials, but their loyalty to Charlie was absolute.

Charlie’s preached a mixed message. On the one hand he spoke of love, peace, tolerance and self-negation. On the other hand, Charlie railed against the respected figures of Christendom. He called them all types of names and rained upon their heads all manners of curses. Until today, it is not clear which part of his message was more appealing to his followers. Some historians argue that his simplistic teachings on love and peace spoke to the hearts of those who found themselves so hurt by the injustices of society. Other historians contend that it was his message of hate towards the established figures of Christian society that attracted those who felt intimidated by the high society of Christendom to begin with.

Towards the end of his rather brief ministry, Charlie began dropping hints as to what he believed was his role in the cosmic plan of Christian eschatology. By the winter of 2015, Charlie’s followers were convinced that their leader was no less than a second incarnation of Jesus. Charlie’s devoted followers firmly believed that they were witnessing and participating in the second coming of the Christian Savior.

When Charlie was killed in a car accident in April of 2015, his followers were shell-shocked. But their shock did not last more than a few days. Due to the confusion that arose at the time of Charlie’s hasty burial, some of Charlie’s followers became convinced that a certain empty mausoleum was the place were Charlie had been laid to rest. The fact that the mausoleum was subsequently found empty convinced these followers that Charlie had risen from the dead. This report was followed by the rumor that some of his followers had actually seen Charlie since he had died.

Those followers of Charlie who believed in Charlie’s resurrection expected Charlie to return and take his rightful place as the incarnation of Jesus. These believers maintained their own Churches for some time after Charlie’s death or disappearance. Although they attempted to recruit followers from amongst the Christians, their efforts did not meet with much success. The fact that the establishment Churches spent time and effort criticizing Charlie’s followers energized Charlie’s devoted believers, but made it difficult for them to grow their Church.

In 2033, all of this changed. That was the year of Harry S Percy’s conversion to the Charolite faith (as Charlie’s followers came to be called). Harry was a man of vision and energy. Harry quickly developed his own understanding of Charlie’s cosmic role and of his own mission to the world. According to Harry, Charlie was the fourth person in the Christian god-head. He was one and the same with Jesus, but he was a different person in the god-head. Charlie’s death had been an atonement for the sins of the world. According to Harry, the death of Jesus could only have been a foreshadowing of Charlie’s supreme sacrifice. Harry and his theologians (and it did not take long for Harry to raise schools of theologians), argued that since Jesus had never sinned, his death could not rightfully atone for sin. As someone who never sinned, Jesus could never be able to atone for sin. Harry argued that it was only Charlie, as a man who was intimately familiar with the concept of sin, who could provide atonement with his death. It was Harry who attributed to Charlie the statement; “No one comes to Jesus but through me”. And it was Harry, of-course, who invented the concept of a “third coming”.

Harry also believed that he was appointed by Charlie (who appeared to Harry several times) to minister to non-Christians. Harry’s message was strongly opposed by the original following of Charlie, and it was certainly challenged by the establishment Churches of Christendom, but Harry did not care. Harry traveled to the far-east and to Africa where he made millions of converts to the Charolite faith. It did not take long for the converts of Harry to outnumber and overpower the original Charolite Church.

Once these followers of Harry gained the reigns of power in the Charolite movement they set about to eradicate every last vestige of opposition to the doctrines of Harry. The followers of Harry did not stop at killing the original followers of Charlie and burning their Churches. They tried to eradicate every last bit of documentation that could serve as a refutation to the doctrines of Harry. The followers of Harry rewrote and edited the Newer Testament touted by the original Charolites. They did not stop there but they appended Harry’s epistles to the Newer Testament, making Harry’s teachings equal with those of Charlie.

It is fortunate that Harry’s followers were not entirely successful. The authors of this article have come into possession of some historical documentation that has escaped the clutches of the Charolite inquisitors. With time we hope to make these documents available to the public.

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Yisroel C. Blumenthal

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11 Responses to A Brief History of Charlie and the Charolites

  1. patty thomas says:

    This article is one that is filled with hatred, and a lack of logic. It is clear that you do not know Jesus, and that you attack the Christian faith without a true understanding of it. Jesus Was and Is, the Epitome of love and charity.

    Many of us in the Christian faith, fight anti-semitism. Yet, instead of becoming the love that the Torah teaches, you’ve become accusers of the brethren (satanic) as in the book of Job.

    Yes, your article is pharaseeical. I am so sorry for you that you do not know love. For we are all called to love one another as Jesus Loved us – to the point of laying down our lives for a friend. Christians are not your enemies – but the demons who have instilled such hatred within you, are. You are locked into belief systems, without truth. My heart cries for you. For you are missing it, entirely.

    May the Lord Remove the veils from your eyes.

    • SHmaryahu says:

      Why do you speak with so much hatred against those who do not believe in yoshke?

      This article is sweet and exposes the followers of this religion. Why all the emotion?

    • Sharlee says:


      I understand your offense at Christianity seemingly being attacked in this article. The religion is dear to you. I get that. However, to say that the attack is made without truly understanding the faith is somewhat of a leap and only shows that you, yourself, do not understand Christianity nor do you know its history. It has only been in about the last 50 years that Christianity has even begun to come from a place of “love.” Prior to that, it was a dictatorial, “my way or death” religion.

      This article seems ridiculous in what it is trying to say, but in fact, it is exactly what happened in the early history of Christianity. Christians have closed their minds to the ability to think for themselves and believe what they believe because that is what they are told to believe, not because they have studied the scriptures out for themselves. You believe what you believe because the Roman Catholic Church dictated to you what your scriptures, doctrine and theology were going to be. Anything that went against that was burned or killed. Did you know that at the time the bible was cannoned, there were over 200 different gospels floating around? The Catholic church chose 4 and they don’t even know who wrote them. Not one of them was signed.

      What the church believes today doesn’t begin resemble what the first century church believed. In the first century, Jesus was not God. Look through your Bible. Jesus denies being God, Paul and the other apostles consistently delineate between the two. One God and his son Jesus Christ. One true God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

      Then a Christian comes and tells us we have it all wrong and their way is the only way. This ridiculous article is pointing out the ridiculousness of that. It is an effort to protect an everlasting covenant with God and his people. One that the Christians have torn to shreds and steal from. Taking from it all the blessing and promises, blessing given to and promises made to a covenanted people and throwing out all the obligations and responsibilities.

      If Christians have it right and for the last 2000 years have had this “veil” removed and they are all about love, why have millions been slaughtered by Christians in the name of Christ? Why is Christianity today full of debauchery, greed and laziness? Since you have had the veil removed from your eyes, should your people not be living a life of higher standard? Christianity is the largest religion in the world and yet our world falls to pieces with war, hate, hunger and poverty. Exactly how is this Christian love you speak of making this world a better place? How has it ever? These are questions you might want to ask yourself. While you may have found “love” to be the way for yourself, your religion, as a whole, is not that way.

      Judaism on the other hand, well…let’s just say their job is to be a light to the world, yes? Jews hold more Nobel prizes than any other country, ethnic or religious group per capita. They are only 15mil strong, but they make their mark, plugging away to do their job as covenanted with God in making the world a better place. The foundation of modern civility and law come from Judaism. All this in spite of 2000 years of persecution and attempts at annihilation at the hands of Christians and now radical Islam. Christianity would believe that it is just all about getting people saved. But that is not what the word of God says. We are to take an active part in the world here and now. After all, he created it for us, yes?

      I do understand Christianity. My father is a pastor. My mother was a Jew. He just retired as a pastor in a church of 8000 people. I even went to Bible college. Through actually studying out the word of God, myself, I found the truth and left Christianity because it is based more on senseless faith in what man says than on the truth of what God says. You see, it is your belief system that is without truth. It is your belief system that serves more than one god, even though God made it clear he is only ONE and you are to serve no other god. The trinity was a concept that was voted into existence by, you guessed it, the Roman Catholic Church, 300 years after Jesus died. It actually started out as just God and Jesus and about 55 years later the HS was voted into the band.

      You came to this site for a reason. Maybe you want to become more familiar with your own religion. If you did, you might understand why articles such as this are written. Unbelievable and offensive as it seems, the history of Christianity is exactly that, unbelievable and offensive. I speak this to you in love. I know it is hard to hear, but it is the truth that you will find if you seek for it. Hosea 4:6 says that My people perish for lack of knowledge. But not just for lack of, but rejection of. Okay, that is all I am going to say. With love and shalom.

  2. binahz says:

    Excellent. Well written and applied appropriately.

  3. Hi Patty
    Thanks for reaching out to me.
    I would ask you – what do you know about the Pharisees? and who taught this information to you?
    Your Pharisee friend

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  5. Talia says:

    Interesting metaphor. One problem: you compare “Christendom,” which is, in our age (and in the U.S.) a religion roped off from civil law, with Judea and Galilee, which were governed by laws that were not separated into “religious” and “civil” spheres. That is, you compare Charlie with Jesus without taking into account the strongest argument against Jesus: that he tried to insist upon changes in law — not “Jewish” law, but law, since civil and ritual law were interconnected in those days.

    Jesus did not come to abolish the law, as he reportedly said, but he taught various leniences and strictures without going through the proper legal channels of his time. When the Christian texts refer to Jesus as one who “spoke with authority,” they’re saying that he was subverting due process — that is, the process by which law was enacted in ancient Judea/Galilee, via the Sanhedrin — and claiming that he had the right to make or change standing laws.

    This is tantamount to a political figure of today going on TV and saying that from now on, stopping at a red light is only a suggestion; we’re free to run a red light if we feel like we should. Or that someone who commits manslaughter should automatically be judged as a first-degree murderer. If this political figure claimed that people should “follow him” and his way of reading U.S. law, he’d be locked up, and rightly so. And this is the analogy to what Jesus tried to do, according to the texts: change the law without the proper authority and without going through the legal processes set up at that time. Your figure of Charlie is a “religious” figure. In Jesus’ time, there was no distinction between “religious” and “non-religious.” Priests (not just in Judea but throughout the ancient world) were political, and politicians offered public sacrifices to the gods. To try to create Charlie as religious fails to explain why the Jewish authorities objected to him. It wasn’t illegal to claim to be the messiah — many before and after Jesus did so. But it was illegal to attempt to change the law — any type of law — on his own. Thus, both the Roman and Jewish authorities were within their rights to arrest him, especially if the story of Jesus overthrowing the moneychangers’ stalls is anything close to being true. The charge and (Roman) punishment had to do with sedition, not with claims to messiahship or godhood.

    To miss the political aspects of the Jesus story is to misread it entirely.

    (P.S. This phrase: “Charlie’s death had been an atonement for the sins of the world” seems to parallel an idea that Jesus’ death was meant to atone for the sins of the world. According to most scholars, this doctrine of vicarious atonement was a later development within Christianity, and would not have been a familiar or acceptable concept to a Jew of Jesus’ time and place.)

  6. Thanks Talia for your interesting post. My focus is not on the historical person “Jesus” who lived and died and was forgotten 2000 years ago. My focus is on the central character of the Christian Sriptures in whose name so many are lead to idolatry.
    Your Pharisee friend

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