Orange Juice, Water and Blood

Orange Juice, Water and Blood

The weekly discussion group focused on the exodus. The Rabbi explained to the small crowd how the plague of blood impacted the Egyptians. What, with the Nile itself, the source of Egypt’s sustenance and her national pride turning into blood – the devastation must have been tremendous.

As the Rabbi droned on – an incredulous voice rang out from the back of the room. “The river turned into blood?! Rabbi – do YOU believe that?”

The Rabbi looked the college student in the eye and asked the challenger: “If there were two glasses here on the table – one filled with water and one with orange juice – and a miracle worker were to turn both of them into blood – which of the two would you consider a greater miracle?”

The young man answered: “The orange juice turning into blood would be a bigger miracle.”

“Why do you say that?” – asked the Rabbi.

“Simple” – “water is sort of a neutral substance, you could probably use water to reconstitute dried blood – as opposed to orange juice which is something totally different than blood” – replied the young man.

“Do you realize” said the Rabbi, “that orange juice turns into blood every day?”

“What are you talking about?” – said the now puzzled young man.

“Well, what happens when you drink a glass of orange juice?” asked the Rabbi.

The young man hesitated, a glimmer of understanding appeared in his eyes – “yes – you are right, it turns into blood.”

“How does that happen?” challenged the Rabbi.

“It is the liver, the liver turns the orange juice into blood” replied the young man.

“How does the liver do it? How does the liver turn the orange juice into blood?”

The young man was silent. The Rabbi waited. Finally the young man admitted: “I don’t know, I don’t know how the liver turns orange juice into blood.”

The Rabbi comforted him: “don’t feel bad that you don’t know, the combined wisdom of all the scientists in the world also doesn’t know precisely how the liver turns the orange juice into blood. – But wouldn’t you agree that whoever designed the liver – could probably turn water into blood as well?”

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Yisroel C. Blumenthal

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4 Responses to Orange Juice, Water and Blood

  1. bography says:

    Good ‘un, Yisroel.

  2. sklyjd says:

    The Nile turning into blood is a huge contrast to a glass of orange juice. My first question would be is it their victims blood and how was it drained from them and directed into the Nile? Of course the answer was a standard response that God can do anything, therefore the original question asked from a believer of God must have been ridiculous to the Rabbi in the first place.

  3. Dina says:


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