Tell Them… Jeremiah 10:11

Tell Them … Jeremiah 10:11

 Trinitarian Christians believe that it is entirely appropriate for a person to direct absolute religious devotion towards one Jesus of Nazareth.

Throughout history the Jewish people have proclaimed, often at the cost of their life, that this aforementioned belief is idolatry.

The Jewish position is quite easy to understand. After all, Jesus looked like a man, walked like a man, breathed like a man – as the common adage about a certain water-fowl goes – he was a man!

A common Christian reaction to any insinuation that their belief is idolatrous is to launch an offensive, as if those who don’t worship Jesus are the ones who are lacking in their faith in God. “Don’t you believe that God could do anything?” the Christian challenges. “If God wants to make Himself into a man – who are you to tell Him that He can’t?”

There are several ways to respond to this “challenge”.

First, it should be pointed out that such arguments could be used, have been used and are being used to justify worship of any idol. “Who are you to tell God that He can’t become a graven image? or a cat? or a holy cow?”

Second, try asking the missionary if God could commit suicide? Or if He could get appendicitis or a hernia? Could he get lost, confused or disoriented? How about losing his mind – could God do that to Himself?

Could God make Himself “not God”?

The basis of our worship of God is that He is the Creator of all. By definition, any created being – is “not God”. For God to turn Himself into a created being – and to then go and demand the worship that is coming to Him as Creator is like saying – light turned into darkness and it still provides illumination.

Finally – you could tell the missionary that God taught us everything we need to know about worshipping Him at Sinai (Deuteronomy4:35) – if He would have wanted us to worship Jesus – we would have seen Jesus at Sinai.

Chances are that you will not convince the missionary – but at least he or she will not use that argument in your presence anymore.

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Yisroel C. Blumenthal

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4 Responses to Tell Them… Jeremiah 10:11

  1. Concerned Reader says:

    Nice article Rabbi. I hope my response to Bru wasn’t too presumptuous?

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