Response to the Line of Fire 9

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Response to the Line of Fire 9

On the June 9 2011 edition of his Line of Fire radio show , Dr. Brown interacts with an audio clip of a talk by Rabbi Michael Skobac of Jews for Judaism. The full presentation of Rabbi Skobac can be downloaded at

Rabbi Skobac’s presentation is brief and to the point. Rabbi Skobac contends that if we would search the Bible for a description of the Messiah – without any preconceived notions about Jesus – we would never end up with Jesus. It is only after Christians accept Jesus that they then see Jesus in the Jewish Bible.

Dr. Brown did not find enough time in his two-hour radio program to present any substantive response to Rabbi Skobac’s argument. Instead of responding to Rabbi Skobac’s contention, Dr. Brown spends the time speaking about spiritual blindness, telling his audience how he encourages…

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