Square Circles – 1Kings 18:21

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Square Circles – 1Kings 18:21

The English teacher asked her sixth grade students if they could provide an example of an oxymoron. The girl in the back row raised her hand and the teacher called on her. The student said two words: “President Obama”.

I respect the child’s right to free speech and I am not saying that I disagree with her, what I am saying is that I would have chosen a different example. I would have said: “Messianic Judaism”.

The movement known as Messianic Judaism is in the continuous process of realigning themselves with Jewish tradition and practice. They have incorporated observance of Shabbat, commemoration of the biblical festivals, laying of tefillin, and many other rituals of traditional Judaism.

But Judaism is not about keeping Shabbat, celebrating the festivals or putting on tefillin. Judaism is about keeping the Shabbat as an expression of our obedience to the One…

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