Rabbi Sacks debate with Richard Dawkins

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2 Responses to Rabbi Sacks debate with Richard Dawkins

  1. Dina says:

    I just finished watching this, and I have to say, these two men are evenly matched in intellect and eloquence. Although naturally I agree with Rabbi Sachs and disagree with Richard Dawkins, I do not see a clear winner in this debate. Both sides will claim victory based on their bias, I think.

    It’s a delight to listen to such bright and articulate people defend their position and challenge their opponent’s, and the civility and courtesy of both were heartening and encouraging. I highly recommend a listen!

    Rabbi B., thank you for posting this.

  2. I got a chance to listen finally. Today South Korea celebrates children’s day and my wife and mother in law brought all my kids out to have fun, leaving me with this unexpected free time.

    Overall, Rabbi looked much healthier in face, spirit, and voice than the atheist. Two questions: Judaism really teaches that the Adam and Eve as a parable?
    When Richard confessed that he felt child abuse in the narrative on the Mt. Moriah, why the Rabbi answered “you read in Christian way!” ?

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