The Real Jewish Messiah – Debate

The Real Jewish Messiah: Rabbi Blumenthal Debates Dr. Brown


Over the last year, Dr. Michael Brown and Rabbi Yisroel Blumenthal have engaged in a series of back and forth video presentations on YouTube.
These discussions have led to Dr. Brown and Rabbi Blumenthal to agree to a simultaneous online 3-Part “Virtual Debate.”

Dr. Brown and Rabbi Blumenthal will each release their own first 20-minute YouTube video on “The Real Jewish Messiah” at noon on May 15 2017.

At noon on June 19 2017  they will release a simultaneous “Rebuttal” of each other’s “Real Jewish Messiah” and at noon on July 24 2017, they will similarly post their 20-minute response to each other’s rebuttals.

If the viewing audience enjoys this unique debate approach, Dr. Brown and Rabbi Blumenthal may consider doing other Virtual Debates on the issues that stand between them.


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8 Responses to The Real Jewish Messiah – Debate

  1. Dina says:

    Eagerly looking forward!

  2. Mattisyahu says:

    Is the “Real Jewish Messiah” the topic of the debate?

  3. Sarah Wages says:

    I very much enjoyed this and am eagerly awaiting the next two!!!

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