My Redeemer Liveth – Job 19:25

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My Redeemer Liveth – Job 19:25

The book of Job describes how Job, a just man was afflicted by tremendous suffering. The book tells us how his friends discussed his suffering with him. In the course of the conversation Job declares; “For I know that my redeemer lives and that he will be the final one remaining on earth” (Job 19:25). Many Christians believe that Job was referring to Jesus and to Jesus’ eternal nature when he spoke these words. These Christians cannot imagine anyone else being called “redeemer” aside from the Christian Jesus.

The Christian conviction in the rightness of this interpretation is so deeply entrenched in the Christian psyche that many Christians see this verse as the highlight of the book of Job. I once spoke to a Christian scholar and when I mentioned the book of Job, he quoted this verse as if this was the centerpiece…

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    This is a greaat post thanks

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