Names – Exodus 3:14

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Names – Exodus 3:14
The Children of Israel were languishing under the whip of the Egyptian taskmasters and their outcry rose to the heavens. God appears to Moses in the burning bush and He tells Him that He has seen the pain of His people. God then commissions Moses with the task of bringing Israel out of Egypt. Moses asks the Lord; when the people will ask me “what is His name?” what shall I tell them? God responds “I will be who I will be” (Exodus 3:13,14).
What is the meaning of this enigmatic exchange? What does God mean when He calls Himself “I will be”? Isn’t God’s existence eternal? He was, He is and He will always be, so what is the significance of this focus on the future? The mystery is only compounded when we consider the fact that nowhere is it recorded that Moses actually used…

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  1. John-William says:

    I have read your article on the name, and I believe your Hebrew translation to be faulty. Following is my reading of Ex. 3:14-15.
    Ex 3:14, And He ALHYM (Powers) said to MSH (Moses) AHYM (I-AM) ASR (who or that) AHYH (I-AM), and He said this you shall say to sons of ISRAL – AHYH (I-AM) has sent me to you.
    Ex 3:15, And He again ALHYM (Powers) said to (Moses) this you shall say to sons of ISRAL YHWH (HE-IS) ALHY (Power) of your fathers, ALHY (Power) of ABRHM, ALHY (Power) of YSHQ and ALHY of YAQB has sent me to you. This is My name forever and this My memorial to all-generations.
    Note: I cannot find even one place where AHYH is translated as “will be.” It is clear from the passage, that YHWH refers to Himself as “I-AM that I-AM.” He tells Moses however, to say “HE-IS” (YHWH) has sent Him. For this reason, the Fathers name is “He-IS” (YHWH = Yahweh) to us, it is I-AM to the Creator. This is HIS name forever, and it is a memorial to all-generations.

  2. John-William says:

    Good Question:
    Deut. 31:23, “And He commanded YHWSA son of Nun and said, be sure and courageous for you shall bring the sons of YSRAL to the soil (land) which I swore to them, and I, AHYH (I-AM) with you.”
    I do not see a problem with it, do you? The Father simply addresses YHWSA using His name. Please do understand, I do not use vowel pointed Hebrew, but see no problem here.

    • John-William The word means “I will be” and it is not being used as a name in Exodus 3;12; Exodus 4:12 and 4:15 as well as Deuteronomy 31:23 – in each of these places the context makes it clear that the word is referring to the future. Try asking anyone who speaks Hebrew what the word means.

      1000 Verses – a project of Judaism Resources wrote: >

      • Concerned Reader says:

        Rabbi B, you should know for your records that John William should be banned from participating. His website is full of antisemitic White Supremacist trash.LarryB and I had an interaction with him last time he was here where this all came out.

        • Concerned Reader Will do thank you 1000 Verses – a project of Judaism Resources wrote: >

        • John-William says:

          Dear Concerned Reader, and anyone else that may be reading this (if they post this). The website is not anti-Semitic. Furthermore, I am NOT anti-Semitic since I (we) believe ourselves to be descendants of Shem. Therefore we (like you also apparently believe) are Semitic. What you are attempting to do (because we do not always agree with Judaism) is to label us anti-Semitic. This is a fake ploy often used by Jews, (believers of Judaism). Just because you adhere to Judaism as your religious belief does not make you a descendant of Shem or even of Yahuda.

          You can of course say that you are a Semite, but that doesn’t make it so. We consider ourselves to be Israelites of the ancient Northern Kingdom, because of our known history. Just because we label our belief as Israelism/Yahwism, it should not prevent us from having dialog because you are Jewish. Why would you would be threatened when we use the Hebrew Bible for the foundation of our beliefs rather than Judaism or the traditions of men. Why not just review the merits of the conversation, or points me may have and let that remain the conversation, rather then duck the evidence by false unfounded claims.


          • LarryB says:

            Yes you are! Links on your website pages lead directly to here.
            Welcome to the Mein Kampf project at
            Here we shall endeavor to accomplish three goals. First, we shall present the entire James Murphy translation of Mein Kampf, remaining faithful to the page numbering and type styles of that volume even if aesthetics suffers a bit for it. Then we will also present papers, as an ongoing project, demonstrating that Adolf Hitler was a good Christian man who cared deeply about his race, and followed the examples of Christ rather than just the lip-service found in modern churches, for better or for worse. Lastly, we will publish whatever other worthy papers we can possibly obtain in order to set the record straight in reference to certain historical events, and others which are supposedly historical. It may take some time to attain these goals for this project, however God willing, we will indeed attain them.
            It is not the holocaust deniers who are a danger to truth and freedom in this world. It is the Christ deniers who are a danger to truth and freedom!

  3. Concerned Reader says:

    John William, YOUR SITE IS Antisemitic, Sorry. You are a proud white European gentile who advocates for White Europeans. Why hide that, rather than just admit it? Stop being a coward, and own your position.

    “What you are attempting to do (because we do not always agree with Judaism) is to label us anti-Semitic. This is a fake ploy often used by Jews, (believers of Judaism). Just because you adhere to Judaism as your religious belief does not make you a descendant of Shem or even of Yahuda.”

    Ok. However, history is something we can study.

    Your position as a white European of claiming that you are being “authentic Israel” and a descendant of Shem means a few things, just by plain historical happenstance that you cant just ignore without being an ideological hack who ignores history.

    1, Without Jesus of Nazareth (a middle eastern Galilean Judean ) your white European ancestors would scarcely have ever heard about or even cared about anything written in the Hebrew Bible.

    Much less would they have ever believed that anything in it was true. They had their own cultures that were thousands of years old at the time Jesus existed. Europeans only did believe en masse when the texts were written in a language that Europeans could read and comprehend, IE Greek, Latin, Cyrillic, English. This is just historical fact.

    The Church had to use the sword for centuries (against Pagans and fellow Christian sects) to get Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Nordic Europeans to even believe the premise that they were the “true Israel.”

    some Nordic European monks even wrote down the Eddas that preserve some amount of their old pagan culture, but its filled with clear Christian interpolations.The same is true of remnants of Celtic culture. Crumbs left over filtered through Christian syncretism.

    2. Paul of Tarsus is the main reason there ever were European Churches that spread the Christian Scriptures written in the Greek language. You have stated previously that you reject Paul, who was in fact the oldest author of the Greek Christian texts. He wrote in the 50s of the common era 20 years after Jesus’ ascension. Every other Christian book was written after Paul of Tarsus died. Historical fact.

    You, John William have to reject Paul of Tarsus, because his teaching (the oldest Christian teaching BTW) is Universal and rejects any racialist reading of the Bible on purpose, (its Paul’s central reading of Jesus.) Its Probably the best thing about Paul, but is the very thing you have previously said you reject.

    3. If today’s orthodox Jews are not “real Jews,” does that make them authentic white Europeans like yourself? Are they Slavs? (like the majority Orthodox Christians in Russia/Ukraine?
    If so, are not they fellow Europeans? Isn’t it OK then that they work/live/interact in spaces where other white European people do? Cant they marry white Europeans?

    4. If they are not authentically White Europeans, nor authentic middle eastern Judeans, then what are modern Jewish people?

    If you can answer these last two questions without sounding like David Duke, or without using confederate symbolism, or without sounding like a conventional white nationalist, I will be colored surprised.

    • Concerned Reader says:

      Also, middle eastern Christians of Israelite origin only controlled the Church of Jerusalem until 135 CE, and the Bar Kochba revolt, when Israelites were kicked out, and then Marcus became the 1st non Jewish leader of the Church in Jerusalem.

      After Peter was bishop in Rome, the Bishopric went to Linus (another European gentile.)

      Torah observant Israelite Christians still existed in small pockets up into the 300s, but they were declared heretics and wiped out by a now gentile dominated Church.

      You claiming to be Israelite while simultaneously a white European is by definition historical fiction.

      If you were indeed of the “ten lost tribes” by definition, you would be “lost” and would have only known your “authentic Israelite heritage” after your ancestors became Christians and believed they were the lost tribes.

      Yours is like the white guy version of Black Hebrew Israelitesm.

  4. Concerned Reader says:

    “Just because we label our belief as Israelism/Yahwism, it should not prevent us from having dialog because you are Jewish. Why would you would be threatened when we use the Hebrew Bible for the foundation of our beliefs rather than Judaism or the traditions of men.”

    That’s just it though. Its just a label you people use. You are labeling. You have to spray paint your own identity to try and hide your own belief about your own heritage. I hate Nazis and White nationalists just because such human beings are “anti other people” generally.

    One of the things that lost Hitler the war? His racist ideology. The earliest attempts on his life? From other German Nazis, because he “wasn’t hard core enough” Its Psychopathy disguised as government. That’s it.

    And thank God that shit head lost the war. His very existence makes me want to spit on my own European identity.

    The world would be a better place without anyone of that mindset.

    That said, I can at least respect the non racist Neo Pagan idiots who are at least aware that they are trying to reconstruct a European identity out of crumbs. They don’t have to take someone else’s identity and say “that’s mine,” when not even sincere.

    You have shown by previous comments that you give no shit about the actual history, nor the intent of the authors of the literature you use.

    In our previous conversation, you showed a passing familiarity with some scholarly literature that shows the consensus of historians and biblical scholarship, and you reject all of that in order to be a “racialist.”

    That’s not how to authentically hold a viewpoint if you want to have an actual discussion with someone.

    If however you drink the Kool-Aid and believe the term “god” just designates “powerful individual” then its no wonder your site would link to Mein Kampf, and its no wonder that you are not actually about having a discussion.

    Racialists only value power, and they use language, religion, history, rhetoric and other tools to accumulate it, because power is the ends.

    If you want to advocate for White Europeans, just do it for Christ sake. Its incredibly cringe worthy to see European guys (especially at your age sir, respectfully) claiming Hebrew literature as their own, which they couldn’t even do to start with unless their ancient pagan ancestors accepted Christianity centuries ago, from a gentile Church.

    Not good enough to be a Christian European? Not good enough that European Christian culture made incredible contributions to the modern world including going to space? “no, I have to play that I am a real Jew while my site links to Hitler.”

    Hitler only did one good thing, Shooting himself in the head. Period.

    As if that weren’t bad enough, you then have to tell Orthodox Jews who actually speak the the Hebrew and can even read Aramaic language that not only are they “not really true Jews.”

    You have a sad position John William. Its like, Jesus man, go see a psychiatrist.

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