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Holy Times

Holy Times The Biblical holidays seem to be divided into two separate cycles; we have the “Three Festivals” (Pesach-Passover, Shavuot-Festival of Weeks and Sukkot-Tabernacles – Exodus 23:14), and we have the “High Holy Days” (Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot). … Continue reading

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Festival of Weeks – Isaiah 41:8

Festival of Weeks – Isaiah 41:8  Love doesn’t calculate. Love does not hear the discouraging voices.  Love is innocent. Love yearns and it follows. But love does not ask: what will I gain? Could I really get there? Scripture doesn’t … Continue reading

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Channuka – Excerpt from Contra Brown

1.    Haggai 2:6 – 9. “For thus says the Lord of hosts: There will be one more; it is a small one. I will shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry land. I will shake … Continue reading

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Joy and Repentance

Joy and Repentance The holiday of Sukkot (Tabernacles) follows immediately after Yom Kippur, a day dedicated for repentance and forgiveness. Sukkot is called “the time of Joy” and it is understood that the connection between these two holidays is that … Continue reading

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Not to Bow

Not to Bow   “And all the servants of the King that were in the gate of the King kneeled and bowed to Haman but Mordechai would not kneel nor would he bow” (Esther 3:2) Mordechai’s refusal to bow infuriated … Continue reading

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Lamp and Lights – Proverbs 6:23

Lamp and Lights – Proverbs 6:23   Some see the observance of the commandments as drudgery. They see in the performance of the commandments a stifling of the creative side of man, of his independence and of man’s appreciation for … Continue reading

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Annelise on Chanukah

Annelise on Chanukah Orthodox Judaism lets us know that God has shown us His face. It is true that we don’t look at any of the humans of history, or any other thing or experience in heaven and earth, as … Continue reading

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